Slack Workflow Date Limitations

Slack Workflow Date Limitations


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Slack Workflows capture dates in the format YYYY/MM/DD, and this format is not adjustable.

In an effort to enhance the collaboration among operational teams, particularly focusing on processes related to new joiners, movers, and leavers within Eficode, I am exploring the utilisation of Slack Workflows.

With Workflow Builder, anyone can build automated processes with drag-and-drop simplicity to allow your team to be more creative, precise and effective throughout the workday.

When employing the system Date variable for capturing dates, my intention is to utilise this data for purposes such as naming channels, populating Jira fields, and integrating with our Financial and HRM systems.

However it turns out from my testing; all dates are captured and stored within Slack in the YYYY/MM/DD format, and this cannot be altered.

However it is possible to use UTC and local formatting for Date Time variables.

This means I have to capture both Date & Time on our Workflow forms, then format the input to disregard the time component and select local formatting for the date.

While this approach serves as a workaround, it necessitates that our users initiating any Slack Workflows input more data than necessary, which can be an inconvenient additional step for them.

I have initiated feature request with Slack to enable malipulatiuon of date formats for the inbuilt Workflow Date variable.

If anything change I'll report back โœŒ๐Ÿผ